Invisible – the documentary

Large yellow letters IN with small blue broken-up letters spelling visible underneath. Together it forms the logo Invisible

“Invisible” features six disabled women activists working to change what we see in our world. This documentary is based on a research project fondly called “tend” conducted by Oana Branzei (Ivey Business School) and myself through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Documentary highlights some of our reserach findings plus the lived experience of six amazing disabled women: Avril Coelho, Hannah Deakin, Kelly Given, Jess, Jahnavi Misra and Lucy Matthews. It is co-directed by WadeBE and myself.

From January onwards, we will be posting the full interviews of all of our six protagonists as well.

Watch here

If you have 5 minutes after watching Invisible, it would be great if you could fill in this short anonymous survey.


Top row: Jess, Lucy Matthews and Hannah Deakin; Second row: Jahnavi Misra, Avril Coelho and Kelly Given

Creative Team

upper body shot of Anica Zeyen, a white woman with dark blonde hair with sunglasses on her head wearing a black and white dress

Anica Zeyen

Co-Director & Principal Investigator on Research project

headshot of Wad e Bee , a white man with curly black hair wearing an ear ring



Head shot of Oana Branzei, a white woman with long black hair wearing a white jacket

Oana Branzei

Co-Principal Investigator on Research project & Protagonist

black and white head shot of Aleksandra Rydzkowska a white woman with short ahair

Aleks Rydzkowska

Cinematography & Colourist

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