Research Impact Work

I strongly believe that research needs to have an impact on society. For me, this is about trying to find ways to make the insights I gained form my research available in different forms. Below are some of my impact projects. If you would like to know moreore or get involved in any of the impact work, please just gt in touch.

Large yellow letters IN with small blue broken-up letters spelling visible underneath. Together it forms the logo Invisible

Invisible – Documentary

“Invisible” features six disabled women activists working to change what we see in our world. This documentary is based on a research project conducted by Oana Branzei (Ivey Business School) and myself through the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more and watch it now.

Logo of accessibility and me. Accessibility is written in yellow, the word and in red and me in blue, underneath is a speech bubble. the entire logo is in graphite style writing

Accessibility & Me Podcast

A podcast featuring disabled professionals and leaders. We talk to them about their professional and personal experiences of (in)accessibility and inclusion. Listen here.

Layers of Vision logo

Layers of Vision exhibition

Layers of Vision is an art exhibition that explores the experiences and perspectives of blind and partially sighted (BPS) artists living in a world made for sighted people. In meaningfully co-created and joyful ways, Layers of Vision raises attention to, and challenges, the barriers that people who are blind or have sight loss are facing in everyday life. It does so by exhibiting ten artworks that celebrate and creatively explore accessibility. Visit our website.

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