Research in the global south

At Royal Holloway, I am fortunate to run a Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) financed cluster on “Disability, well-being and sustainable inclusion”.

What is GCRF?

The Global Challenge Research Fund aims to combine research with international development. It aims to tackle some of the world’s leading sustainable development challenges by fostering equal research partnerships between UK and DAC-country (developing and emerging economies) researchers, NGOs, policy-maker, businesses and other relevant stakeholders. In essence, GCRF is about making a difference on the ground.

What is the cluster about?

To truly foster sustainable societal development, it is necessary to create an inclusive society that allows social, cultural and economic participation for everyone. Such universal participation is however often not available for the one billion people worldwide living with disabilities (World Bank, 2019) due to physical, social, cultural and technological barriers. Moreover, wider issues of well-being can further limit a person’s access to economic and societal participation.

In order to support the development of a more inclusive society for people living with disabilities or others facing marginlization, this cluster aims to foster research that addresses local challenges in a multi-disciplinary way. Topics of interest are but are not limited to:

  • Disability and education
  • Disability and work / entrepreneurship
  • Disability and well-being
  • Disability and access
  • Disability and culture
  • Well-being and societal inclusion
  • -well-being and economic participation

Current projects run within the cluster

The cluster supports research from various colleagues within Royal Holloway. Below are the titles of the projects. Read the latest blog posts on the cluster below.

  • Chronic Pain in Southern Africa
  • Disability and entrepreneurship in India and Uganda
  • Inclusive education in Uganda
  • Fighting Leprosy Stigma in the Philippies
  • Mental Health Social Innovation in the DRC
  • Access to Health Care for Disabled people in Ugnada and South Africa
  • Covid-19 Urgency Response for Disabled People in Uganda and South Africa

A think tank on chronic pain

From the 19th to 21st February, researchers from South Africa, Zambia and the UK met in a lovely little conference centre outside of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Why? To discuss chronic pain. Researchers came from across the medical field including physiotherapists, psychologists, GPs and neurologists. They were joined by some social science researchers.  As most of…

Images & Words workshop in Havana, Cuba

This post was written by Dr. James Kent and Professor Hannah Thompson In December 2019, Prof Hannah Thompson and Dr James Kent led a GCRF-funded photography and creative audio-description workshop at the Espacio Altamira in Havana, Cuba. The workshop was the latest in a series of events that forms part an ongoing project which has…

India #2: The power of changemakers for disability

This is my second blog post on my 8-day research journey to New Delhi, India. The first one was more on the experience of travelling in India with a visual disability, this one is more about the research I did there and the people I met. This trip was quite different form my journey to…

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