Call for Audience Testers

Project Synopsis

In Accessible Lives, you’ll enter a virtual gallery showcasing 100 years of assistive technology and the real stories of people who use it. You’ll meet interactive avatars, examine 3D models of cutting-edge devices, and explore archive footage of assistive innovations through the decades.

There are three pathways through Accessible Lives: “Sight”, “Movement”, and “Sound”. In each, you’ll learn about pioneering technologies – exoskeletons, bionic eyes – and discover the histories of inventions like hearing aids and hands-free typewriters. You’ll also meet our avatars, Jonathan, Vic, and Emma. Created from interviews with real people, these avatars will talk to you about their experiences of disability and assistive tech, explaining how they use devices to navigate an often inaccessible world.

Accessible Lives is also an exploration of accessibility in VR. It is available captioned and audio described, and is a seated experience.

Who we are looking for?

  • Disabled people (18+ years old) who have one or a combination of the following impairments:
    • Visual impairment
    • Hearing impairment /dDeaf
    • Movement impairment (especially in upper body, hands, arms)
  • AND who can come to Royal Holloway University of London, Egham campus (TW20 0EX) on Wednesday 27th April.

What will happen?

  • You will receive a brief introduction on how to use VR headset and controllers if you have never used VR headsets before.
  • You will go through the VR experience. This should take about ten minutes.
  • We will ask you a number of questions on the content and accessibility of the experience afterwards. Your answers will be used to a) improve the experience and b) for research purposes. Your answers will be treated confidentially and are anynomous.

Other important information

  • The audience testing takes place on April 27th on campus of Royal Holloway University of London. The audience testing cannot be done remotely due to technical reasons.
  • We will provide every audience tester with a ₤20 gift voucher to a UK-based shop of their choice.
  • We will cover travel expenses for train rides and other types of public transport.
  • We will provide pick up and drop off from Egham and Slougth station as well as from other locations within a 10mile distance from campus  for those who rquire it
  • The building and room are fully accessible and accessible toilets are available near it as well
  • The campus has parking available and we will provide visitor parking permits to those who need it.

Interested? Then please fill in this expression of interest form via the link below. We will then contact you with session booking information and further details.

Dr. Anica Zeyen (

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